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Meet Your Life Coach

I am Jill and I am passionate about helping women restore the balance between their masculine and feminine energies after repeated exposure to dominant energies.


After years of struggling with the guilt, shame, and anger brought on by feeling suppressed by the dominant masculine energies in my life past and present, I began a journey of healing and forgiveness to restore myself and my energy so that I could live out my true purpose in the world with passion and without fear or regret. My journey taught me the power of effective boundaries in relationships, the freedom of forgiveness gifted to me, and how to put myself and my needs first instead of trying to please others by putting their needs first.


I help women do the same through the power of coaching. Through a unique hybrid approach of private and group coaching, along with powerful transformational tools, I support you in healing your energy balance through forgiveness work, reversing guilt and shame, and utilizing the power of connective boundaries so that you can rediscover your true self and unleash your passion and purpose into the world.

 Jill’s Degrees and Certifications: 

  • B.A. Psychology, UW - Eau Claire

  • B.A. Public Communications, UW - Eau Claire

  • Masters of Divinity, Bethel Seminary - St. Paul

  • Certified Fearless Living Coach, Fearless Living Institute

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