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Do you struggle with doing and doing and doing and still feeling like you haven't done enough?

Do you struggle with being all things to all people and still wonder if you are enough?

Here's the bad news: You will never be enough IF your goal is to keep others happy and s...

Your business relies on your ability to make the most of your work hours, but if you’re working at the kitchen table or at a tiny desk in the hallway, you probably aren’t being as productive as possible. Crafting your ideal home workspace will help you get your work do...

And I don't feel fine. I have had "end of the world as I know it" events in the past and even though they were painful, I felt fine through the process. Well, fine might be a simple way of putting how I felt. I felt at peace knowing it would all work out.

Grandparents d...

September 19, 2019

Every fall feels like an invitation to a fresh start. I have been cleaning like a mad woman, throwing stuff out, recycling, reusing, organizing, and rearranging my spaces. It feels good! It feels freeing. It feels like a new beginning.

We all need times like this becaus...

September 14, 2018

Have you ever decided you wanted to feel a certain way or have a specific experience and then realized the want wasn't enough to create the willingness to change what was needed to feel that way or enter into that experience? Willingness is an interesting phenomenon th...

Have you ever felt like you will never measure up no matter what you choose or who you become? I have, many times, but one particular conversation still sticks with me because it was the moment I realized only I define me.

When I graduated with my Masters of Divinity, I...

Yes, you read that correctly! You are probably scratching your head because you think life coaches are supposed to support transformation and change. We are, and sometimes, I want you to stand your ground.

Stepping into being the YOU you were born to be is a challenging...

Rocking the boat is not usually a pleasant experience. It comes with doubt, fear, and loads of resistance. Resistance from within ourselves as well as from people around us. What do I mean by rocking the boat?

Rocking the boat is choosing to transform or bring about cha...

We hide our true selves for many reasons. We hide because we fear rejection. We hide because we don't want to upset others. We hide because in some relational systems we have been assigned an identity that works for that group of people. We hide because we don't believ...

There is one question that begins in our minds at a young age and rarely leaves us as we journey through life. It sticks with us because we are human. It sticks with us because in our humanness we both believe and doubt, are inspired and procrastinate, and we listen to...

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It is my hope this blog inspires you to live your most authentic life, breaking free of limiting expectations into the freedom of living with purposeful intention while honoring the beautiful complex messiness of the human journey. Our stories are for each other to inspire, guide, and encourage one another. May my own stories and the stories of my guest bloggers lead you deeper into being fully present and alive while staying fiercely loyal to being the person YOU were born to be.

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April 4, 2017

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