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I love hearing from you! Please contact me with your questions, to request a free complimentary session, or to schedule an event. I look forward to learning with you! 

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Jill Jerabek, M.Div, CFLC

Tel: 612-405-4423

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Why choose coaching versus therapy?

Coaching often picks up where therapy left off. Therapy is designed to support you through investigation and healing and some behavioral changes. Coaching takes you to a new dimension of living. It supports you in moving forward and addressing your relationship with fear so fear can become something that empowers you rather than something that controls you.


What is unique about a Certified Fearless Living Coach?

A certified Fearless Living Coach is trained for a minimum of 18 months and has hundreds of practice hours completed BEFORE receiving certification. This is unique in the coaching world! Fearless Living Coach Candidates are coached as they move through the certification process supporting them in always pressing into new territory and continuous transformation. This too is unique within the coaching world! The work of Rhonda Britten was created out of her own life story of incredible suffering and subsequent transformation making it one of the most authentic methods for life transformation available today.


Why is there a required 12-week initial commitment?

Life transformation requires significant time and it can be quite uncomfortable! When you invest in a 12-week package, you are committing to your transformation, health, and happiness even when the journey gets rough. Every person is worth that kind of investment!

Does Jill speak to groups? 

YES! Jill is available to present to your group on any relationship-based topic and/or to present her own inspiring story of transformation. She is also available to present at conferences and has received high praise for her relevance and expertise on her presentation about managing emotions to the Minnesota School Nutrition Conference 2014. No group will be turned away for inability to pay. If your group has a limited budget, please inquire about our love offering and special event programs. To schedule Jill to speak to your group, please fill out the contact form above.


What do you mean by relationships?

Relationships are not limited to romantic relationships. As Rhonda Britten so wisely stated, "We have relationships with every person we think about, whether they are living or dead, whether we are interacting with them or not." The goal of relationship coaching is to support the client in becoming aware of how their own thought patterns form the relationship they have with themselves and that in turn affects how they interact with others, everyday life, and God or whatever spirituality they practice. Once that awareness is heightened, relationship coaching seeks to support the client in becoming intentional about how they want to honor their unique personality and how they want to interact with people and the world around them. Relationship coaching is especially beneficial for understanding the interwoven nature of our past relational wounds and our present way of relating to ourselves and others.

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