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Be the YOU 
   you were born to be!

life coach 

spiritual teacher 

professional communicator

Jill Jerabek,
...and the rest will fall into place.


who you are through healing, affirming, and discovering


your mindset with powerful tools and expert support


the YOU you were born to be with confidence and joy

At Be YOU Coaching we believe honoring all of

who you are unlocks your potential, wisdom,

and joy for living a life you love.

Are you ready to wake up excited to face each day?
Are you ready to release old hurts, find healing, and live free from resentment?
Are you ready to be yourself without excuse and with full confidence?
Most of us are doing okay, but that’s just it, we are doing okay. Not great. Not fantastic. Not full of excitement. Not really looking forward to what’s next because each day feels the same.
Is this the kind of life you want? An okay life?
You are here because you want more. You want to live a life that makes you want to tackle the day. You want to live a life that feels like it’s empowered by you. You want to stop repeating the same patterns that lead you down the same predictable paths.
What if you could live a life that empowered you to be authentically you without guilt or feeling like you have to prove yourself?
Most of us live life aligned with the expectations of family or culture or our own unrealistic demands for ourselves. This is exhausting! It’s a dance that never brings joy. It’s a pattern that either keeps you stuck or moves you into a downward spiral. It’s time to break up with expectations!
The truth is, the past and others can only define you when you give permission to be defined by someone or something else. You have been told to be this or do this for so long
that you often feel you have lost who you truly are.
You are still here. You don't have to live defined by your past or the expectations of others.
It’s time to choose you. When you choose you, you release your purpose into the world. You overflow with joy, love, and compassion because you are whole and healthy. It’s time to embrace yourself with the love you long for. It’s time to heal your past and embrace the present.
The Be YOU programs will guide you through the process of 

  • healing relational wounds

  • releasing negative beliefs while forming a new mindset

  • living from a place of choice and purpose. 

The Be YOU programs include practical tools for healing and forgiveness, expanding emotional intelligence, and step-by-step support for setting and honoring healthy boundaries.
This work is so powerful, you will see a change after just one session. I want that transformation for everyone, so your first session is on me.
I am here to guide and equip you with the tools you need to heal your story, master your mindset, and create a life you love to live. You are courageous because you are thinking about the possibility of transformation. Let’s take the next step together.
When you look deeply at yourself with an open heart, you open the possibility for healing transformation in the lives of every person you touch. This is never selfish work. In fact, your transformation is good for our human family.

Be YOU Academy Opening in 2018

"Jill is a frequent guest speaker in my family studies class at a local university. She is a wise professional and my students love learning from her! They are always impressed with Jill’s dedication, resilience, and authentic personality. She is committed to healing and helping others, and deeply understands the value and importance of human connection and healthy relationships."

~ Kimberly, St. Thomas University


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