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Relational Intelligence

Do you feel disconnected from the people you love?
Do you struggle with strong reactions, either lashing out or withdrawing, when relating to others?
Do you struggle with resentment in your relationships?
Do you feel unheard or unseen in your relationships?
Do you question your value or worth when relating to others?


May 16


We ALL struggle with relationship challenges and often those struggles lead us to doubt ourselves and step back from the people we care about. 

What if you could limit those struggles and transform how you relate to others that increases your confidence and connection?

Building awareness around your relational wounds and how those wounds shape the way you relate to yourself and others is crucial in developing relational intelligence.

We have been taught through what was modeled for us that the way to overcome relational challenges is to figure out and fix what the other person is doing wrong or how we are miscommunicating with each other. That approach takes care of the symptom, but doesn’t heal the wound that caused the challenge in the first place.  It also encourages blame versus taking responsibility.

When we know our own vulnerabilities, we can begin to strengthen our connections with each other because we take responsibility for our part in communication and relational breakdown.

For example, a person raised to believe displaying, let alone discussing emotions vulnerably is a sign of weakness will consistently be challenged in connecting with others on a deep level until s/he is ready to explore the root cause of what was modeled for him/her.  The exploration allows awareness of relational patterns to initiate the healing process, which leads to a desire to change how s/he relates. That desire to change leads to relational growth through new skills and tools for relating well. As s/he begins to practice using those tools, their connection with others deepens making their relationships richer and more meaningful.

Are you ready to release yourself from damaging relational patterns including feeling responsible for the emotional state of others, struggling with resentment over unmet needs, feeling misunderstood, and questioning your own worth?

Relational Intelligence will launch you into a new freedom to:

  • embrace your worth

  • set healthy boundaries

  • take responsibility for only your emotional state

  • heal your relational wounds

You will experience a dramatic shift in how you see yourself and how that changes the way you relate to others with a new confidence and freedom that allows both of you to be authentic, vulnerable, and present. 

Are you ready to relate well?

Relational Intelligence introduces you to: 

  • the importance of relational intelligence

  • the role your emotions play in your relationships

  • how to keep your brain fully integrated during intense relational moments

  • the role fear plays in how we relate

  • how to determine and set healthy boundaries that support connection


Relational Intelligence is a powerful combination of lessons, exercises for integrating the concepts you are learning, and personal coaching with me, Jill Jerabek, your relationship coach. These three elements insure you have the support you need to see dramatic and powerful change in six short weeks. 

I created this course because I have witnessed and experienced firsthand how lack of relational intelligence damages relationship with self and others. Growing up in a home that lacked emotional and relational intelligence, I learned early in my life that my emotions and needs were not valid and asking for what I needed was weak and inappropriate. I vowed at the young age of 10 that I would live my life differently when I reached adulthood. I was determined to live in such a way that my needs were met, my emotions were appreciated, and my relationships were deep and rich. 

My journey towards emotional and relational intelligence has been challenging as well as hugely rewarding. I will support you in your journey by equipping you with the tools, skills and lessons that supported me in moving from dysfunctional relational patterns into a place of freedom and confidence in being fully myself as I relate to everyone in my life. 

Are you ready to be yourself 
without regret or shame or fear 
in all your relationships? 

Relational Intelligence runs for 6 weeks and includes:

  • 6 weekly lessons emailed to you for you to review at your convenience

  • 6 weekly Q&A sessions with Jill in a private Facebook group just for your class

  • 3 personal coaching sessions over the phone with Jill

  • 6 weekly check-in emails with Jill

Relational Intelligence is a $475 value! 

Your investment is $299 and includes these incredible bonuses:

  • A free copy of Jill’s e-book Relationships

  • A free copy of Jill’s e-book Forgiveness Practices for Better Relationships

  • 25% off any coaching package

  • Lifetime membership in the School of Relational Intelligence FB group, which provides exclusive access to relational insights and teachings, live appearances from Jill and other experts, special discounts, and early access registration for all SRI courses


It’s time for you to see for yourself how your relationships will flourish as you build awareness around your relational patterns and step into a place of healing and freedom in expressing who you are, what you need, and owning your worth.

Due to the personal approach and coaching

available to each student,


register early to claim your spot! 

Not sure you have the time? We make it easy for you to make Relational Intelligence work for your schedule.

All class sessions are pre-recorded and emailed to you the week prior to a Live Q&A with Jill on the session topic. This gives you plenty of time to attend the session in your pajamas any time day or night! Along with the recording link, you will also receive notes to follow along and exercises to put into practice the principles, tools, and skills taught in each session.

To further support you in your journey, each student receives 3 personal coaching sessions via the phone with Jill. This allows you to both personalize the material to your unique life journey and to ask questions one-on-one. These sessions will be scheduled with you upon registration.

The School of Relational Intelligence officially opens in January. Below is a detailed schedule of important dates and session topics. Session topics are further outlined below the schedule. Please email Jill with any questions. 

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