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How Courageous Intention Works


As you become the YOU you were born to be, we will develop the skill of courageous intention. Courageous intention is foundational in every choice you make as you choose to be fully yourself. 

Most of us live a reactionary life.  This means we go through our day reacting to whatever comes our way. Reactionary living robs us of our power to choose. It is dependent upon what happens to us. How much different would your life be if you chose how you wanted to respond BEFORE anything happens? That is exactly what COURAGEOUS INTENTION gives you, the ability to choose your response long before you need one.

Courageous intention is choosing how you want to show up in the world. It is deciding ahead of time no matter what happens today, I am willing to practice being loving or generous or kind or you fill in the blank.


Courageous intention is empowering to you and everyone you meet in your day because you are:

  • using your values as a foundation for how you move through your day

  • using your emotions as markers for what you need to pay attention to instead of allowing your emotions to dictate your actions

  • choosing to bring positive energy into the world by declaring, “This doesn’t have to own me.”

  • Courageous intention becomes the foundation for how we relate to ourselves, meaning how do you think about yourself in the privacy of your mind.

Courageous intention becomes the foundation for how we understand and live out our spiritual paradigm, meaning how we honor the interconnectedness of all humanity.

Courageous intention becomes the foundation for how we move within our relationships, meaning we honor the humanity in one another with vulnerability and empathy.

Are you ready to be the YOU you were born to be through the power of courageous intention? Click the “Be YOU 101” button to start your journey.



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