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We provide support for family goal-setting and accountability, schedule re-organization, behavioral challenges, balancing your family life, communication skills, and forming healthy boundaries.

holistic family coaching

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Balance? Focus? Nurture?
These all seem like foreign concepts for the 21st century family. We believe MOMENTS of balance, focus, and nurture, NOT PERFECTLY BALANCED SCHEDULES, create a calmer, more holistic family life.

At Holistic Family Coaching, we believe family life has gotten lost in the daily shuffle between school, homework, sports, commitments, work, etc. We are allexhausted, feeling a little off-course, and wondering just what was family meant to do and be anyways! We don't have all the answers, but we have noticed when families purposefully seek to recreate their lives together, life together becomes more satisfying, fulfilling, and joyful.


A focused family chooses who they want to be and how they want to show up in the world. A balanced family uses their focus to support their daily choices about how they spend their valuable time. A nurtured family combines hard work and hard play to support their connectedness and their ability to be a positive presence in the world.

Holistic Family Services

Holistic Family Coaching offers a variety of services to meet the needs and budget of every situation. Here is an overview of our services. For more information on how to begin transforming your family life, please inquire through our "contact" page.



Goal-Setting Plan           

Your investment: $125

This plan supports your family in exploring the family life they desire by writing a family vision statement, creating a family agreement, restructuring the family schedule, and setting achievable goals to move you towards the family life you dream of. This plan includes:

  • Prep forms

  • 2 hour meeting with Jill at your home

  • Tools to support your goals

  • 3 months of ongoing email support



Observe & Grow Plan 1

Your Investment: $250

This plan is designed for the family facing a specific challenge. Jill will observe your family interacting in your home, discuss options, set goals, and create a plan for transformation moving from a specific challenge to growth.   This plan includes:

  • Prep forms

  • 2 hours observation by Jill in your home

  • 2 hour meeting with Jill

  • Tools to support your goals

  • 3 months of ongoing email support



Observe & Grow Plan 2

Your investment: $500                        

This plan is designed for the family who desires in-person follow-up support when transforming a specific challenge into growth. The plan will begin the same as the Observe & Grow Plan 1 and will include an additional check-in meetings. This plan includes:

  • Items 1-4 listed under Observe & Grow Plan 1

  • 2 follow-up in-person meetings with Jill, 1 hour each in your home

  • 4 months of ongoing email support



Ongoing Support Plan 

(only available for purchase after completing one of the 3 Family Coaching Plans):

Six, 45-minute phone sessions plus 2 months ongoing email support. Your investment: $295

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