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Presenting to Your Group

Jill has been invited to present at many MOPS groups around the Twin Cities, several MOMs groups, Woodland Hills Church, and most recently at the Minnesota School Nutrition Association 2014 Conference. Groups praise Jill as being energetic, personal, knowledgeable, and in touch with the needs of 21st century living. 


Invite Jill to present to your group too! Jill will speak on any topic reflected anywhere on her website and is flexible to accommodating the needs of your group on any topic related to relationships and/or family. Jill’s presentation fee is $100/hour. No group will be turned away for inability to pay. If your group has a limited budget, please inquire about our love offering and special event programs. 


To schedule Jill to present to your group, please email or call 651-414-0687.



The Theory

Science has taught us life is lived best when lived in balance. Relationships seem to work the same way. Each person has a “true north” in their lives. For some it is a higher power or their spirituality, for others it is their relationship with their own self, for many it is their partnership with a significant other, and for some it is their relationship to nature and the world around them. It is the one relationship that when it is strong, it brings balance to every aspect of who you are and what you do.  When you enter into a coaching partnership with Jill, your first discovery will be your true north and how that aligns you and your relationships. From there, you will begin to gather understanding and tools to support you in staying aligned to promote healing, growth, and transformation.


The Method

With a combination of her own creative tools and the Fearless Living tools, Jill will coach you towards the life you were meant to live. Jill believes all life flows out of our relationships, therefore your coaching sessions will be focused on developing your true north and healing your relational wounds so you can transform your life by making empowered choices in how you move through life. Starting with your relationships will move you towards stronger connections both personally and professionally and it may even change your entire course in life.  






Why choose a coach versus therapy?

Coaching often picks up where therapy left off. Therapy is designed to support you through investigation and healing and some behavioral changes. Coaching takes you to a new dimension of living. It supports you in moving forward and addressing your fears in moving forward head on. 


What is unique about a Certified Fearless Living Coach?

A certified Fearless Living Coach was trained for a minimum of 18 months and has hundreds of practice hours completed BEFORE receiving certification. This is unique in the coaching world! Fearless Living Coach Candidates are coached as they move through the certification process supporting them in always pressing into new territory and continuous transformation. This too is unique within the coaching world! The work of Rhonda Britten was created out of her own life story of incredible suffering and subsequent transformation making it one of the most authentic methods for life transformation available today. 


Why is there a required 12-week initial commitment?

Life transformation requires significant time and it can be quite uncomfortable! When you invest in a 12-week package, you are committing to your transformation, health, and happiness even when the journey gets rough. Every person is worth that kind of investment!




Personal Coaching Packages

We offer two unique packages to meet your needs. Individual coaching sessions are only offered once a package has been purchased and completed because we believe true transformation can only happen over a period of time. Your investment in a coaching package is your commitment to yourself and your personal transformation.



Jumpstart Package

This package is for the woman with a specific goal in mind, or the woman who is in the midst of working towards a vision for her life and feels stuck. Your 2-month commitment to jumpstarting your life includes:Six 45 minute coaching sessions over the phone.


  • Weekly take home exercises to maximize your jumpstart

  • Email support Jumpstart Package is a $518 value, your investment is only $275!or two payments of $137.50, payable the 1st of each month of services rendered



Total Transformation Package

This package is for the person who isn’t sure what they need, but knows they need a big change in their life. Together, we will explore your life and relational patterns, discover your talents and skills, and define your goals. You will be creating a new reality, a new way of living that brings more satisfaction, more joy, and a greater sense of purpose.


Your 4-month commitment to total transformation of your life includes:

  • Twelve 45 minute coaching sessions over the phone

  • Weekly take home exercises to maximize your transformation

  • Email support

  • Free access to downloads from our products and resources page.

  • Total Transformation Package is a $1182 value, your investment is only $699! 

  • or two payments of $349.50, payable the first and third month of services rendered 




Fearless Living Package

If you are familiar with the work of Rhonda Britten, founder of the Fearless Living Institute, and her former daytime life transformation show, “Starting Over,” which aired on NBC from 2003-2006, this package is for you!


As a Certified Fearless Living Coach, Jill will take you through Rhonda Britten’s Fearless Living method of transforming your life from being mastered by your emotional fears to being the master over your emotional fears. Through this method, we will explore your relational patterns and take steps to change as needed. Rhonda’s methods are timeless, lifelong principles you will use every day of your life. Jill’s life was forever changed as a result of training with and going through the Fearless Living methods herself. Yours will be too!


Your 4-month commitment to a life of freedom through living fearlessly includes: 

  • Twelve 45 minute coaching sessions over the phone

  • Weekly take home exercises to maximize your transformation

  • Email support

  • Fearless Living Package is a $1008 value, your investment is only $599!

  • or two payments of $299.50, payable the first and third month of services rendered





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