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Science has taught us life is lived best when lived in balance. Relationships seem to work the same way. Each person has a “true north” in their lives. For some it is a higher power or their spirituality, for others it is their relationship with their own self, for many it is their partnership with a significant other, and for some it is their relationship to nature and the world around them. It is the one relationship that when it is strong, it brings balance to every aspect of who you are and what you do. Find out more...




Balance? Focus? Nurture? These all seem like foreign concepts for the 21st century family. We believe MOMENTS of balance, focus, and nurture, NOT PERFECTLY BALANCED SCHEDULES, create a calmer, more holistic family life. Find out more...

“Jill made the planning process for our group so smooth. She was easy to work with and more than met the needs of our group. She is an asset to any group’s presentation schedule!”

–Christina, Mothers of Preschoolers

"We hired Jill to speak to our MOPS group [Mothers of Preschoolers] and found her to be engaging and encouraging, and she had us laughing at the everyday ironies of parenthood. She really understands what parents go through every day because she has worked with so many families and as a nanny, and she lives a similar life everyday trying to not miss the bus, preparing healthy meals with kid's fighting in the background, and soaking up the times when the kids are sweet and cuddly. We love her and recommend her to speak to your group."

–Karen, MOPS Coordinator

"Jill is motivating, compasionate and has a deep wisdom. She challenges her clients while helping them stretch themselves to a new discovery of hope, strength and change. I live my life with a much more positive outlook, with courage and grace when faced with tough circumstances. I recommend Jill to anyone that wants to live life to the fullest."
- Ann, mom of two

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