Reconnecting With ME!!!

I have said it before and I will say it again, the foundation to all relationships is first how we relate to ourselves. I know that sounds corny, but here is why it is absolutely true. If I am unhappy with how I began my morning, it will set the tone for how I approach every person throughout the day. If I don't believe I have anything to offer the world, I will not seek out the best in others. If I don't believe I am worthy of love and belonging, it will be difficult for anyone to feel connected to me.

Now, maybe your relationship with yourself isn't dire as in not feeling worthy or valuable, but we all lose ourselves in the everyday rush of schedules, to-do lists, lack of sleep, commuting, commitments, etc. That loss of self requires us to reboot by reconnecting with ourselves and renewing our energy.

I recently ran across one of the best ideas to recharge and reconnect with self that seems so simple, yet how often do we actually consider this idea a possibility. The idea was to put aside a minimum of 4 hours up to 24 hours without an agenda AND, if you are really brave, no technology. No planned meals. No planned activities. NOTHING scheduled. It sounds impossible in today's world, but I think it is necessary.

I just came off a beyond insane week of working tons of overtime, teaching several hours, keeping up with my coaching practice, and getting very little sleep. Yesterday, the boys and I arrived at Gramma and Papa's cabin to a weekend of no agenda. Papa decided to take the boys today and I was left to do whatever I wanted. Just the thought of that was overwhelming! However, I figured it out! Once the boys left with Papa, I took a long power walk, enjoyed a long uninterrupted shower, lingered over coffee, eventually made my way into an adorable little town nearby and wandered until I got hungry. After eating lunch, I FELT like blogging and preparing for my week, so I did, until I didn't feel like it anymore, and then I went back to the cabin for a nap.

It was lovely and it was refreshing because I had no specific place to be and no specific time to keep. I highly suggest you schedule just such a day ASAP! And, you don't have to leave the kiddos with Gramma and Papa! In fact, it would be even better if you wandered the day away with your kids, reconnecting not only with yourself, but also with those you hold most dear. I believe if we don't wander aimlessly more, we will suffer. Don't suffer! Wander! Soak in life! Find yourself! Reconnect! Most of all, relax.

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