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Why Fearless Living Works For Me

Recently I met with a client who graduated from working with me to learn how to utilize the fearless living tools in her life. She gave me and the work of Rhonda Britten the greatest compliment when she said she utilizes the fearless living tools every day to support her in creating the life she wants to live.

That is what it is all about and I find the same to be true for me. I met Rhonda in 2006 at a fundraising dinner. As we spoke I told her I had two ongoing struggles. One, I had explored my story with a therapist experiencing much healing, however, I didn't know how to move forward in how to relate to my family, myself, or my life in general from this place of healing. Two, I didn't know how to find my purpose in life. Rhonda explained coaching would support me in resolving those two ongoing struggles because any time we feel "stuck" fear is in control of our lives. Fear of change. Fear of rejection. Fear of losing something or someone in our process.

That was almost ten years ago and I can say with complete confidence that Rhonda was right! Working with a Fearless Living Life Coach and becoming a FL coach myself has completely transformed my life AND resolved those two ongoing struggles. Learning how to be accountable for my excuses, turn beating myself up into acknowledgments, set intentions to move me forward in my goals, and switch out complaining for venting has supported me in moving into, as Rhonda puts it, "the life my soul intended." I can be with my family of origin as a calm, rational, loving person without becoming a raging maniac. I attend to my work as a nanny with joy and fulfillment. I feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment as I coach and teach. Most importantly, I am who I am without fear or explanation and I feel great about that!!!

I believe we were meant for purpose, love, and connection. Life is messy and does its best to keep us confused about our purpose, doubtful we are worthy of love, and mistrustful of connection. It is only when we learn to live with the messiness and use it to empower rather than defeat that we begin to live a life that brings joy, fulfillment, and purpose in the midst of the chaos. We can't remove the chaos and messiness. We can learn to thrive through the chaos and messiness.

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