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Hello Gorgeous!

We all need little reminders to be true to ourselves each day. We all need people to remind us of who we are and the gift we are meant to give the world. We all need touchstones to bring us back to the core of who we are and how we want to show up in the world. This mug is a touchstone for me.

Celebrating beauty was not a part of my upbringing.

In fact, celebrating beauty was frowned upon. Humility was a virtue and that didn’t align with being beautiful or bringing beauty into the world.

You can imagine my shock when I discovered through Fearless Living that my essential nature is Beautiful. Beautiful as an essential nature means bringing beauty into the world by embracing beauty within and around me. It is about inner beauty and it is also about using that inner beauty to create and invite more beauty in the world.

Beautiful was hard. Beautiful was challenging. Beautiful was also freeing! However, it was difficult to stay aligned with the truth of my essential nature and it is something I need to stay on top of daily.

When I saw this mug sitting on a shelf at Target, I immediately put it in my cart. It is now my morning touchstone to remind me of my essential nature. I bring beauty into the world. I look at myself with the attitude of “Hello Gorgeous” and that attitude ripples into the lives of others encouraging them to also embrace love and light and joy and yes, beauty.

Surround yourself with items that remind you of your authentic self and the gift you are meant to give the world. Along with my mug, I have soft blankets, twinkle lights, photos of people I love, artwork from my kiddos, words and quotes that inspire me, and colors that soothe me throughout my home. I center myself here so I can go out into the world and greet others with a “Hello Gorgeous!” Whether your essential nature is authentic, compassionate, creative, courageous, etc., support yourself in staying true to you with reminders and voices that pull you back to center freeing you up to soar.

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