Bluebirds and Happiness

Sometimes a thoughtful gift stays with you. The “Bluebird of Happiness” glass figurine is one such gift for me. I was very young when it was given to me, maybe around age 10 or 11, but the feeling of receiving that gift has stuck with me all these years. So much so that this little bluebird still sits on my bathroom counter reminding me each morning I have a choice in how I show up to my day.

The bluebird was a gift from my piano teacher. Going to her house each week felt like time to breathe and well, to be happy. My brother and I would each have a lesson and then we sometimes stayed for a bit. What I remember about those times we stayed after lessons is how safe and cherished I felt. She and her husband seemed to delight in chatting with me and my brother and hearing about our lives. It was seemingly insignificant, yet years later, I am writing about those times.

When she gave me the bluebird, she told me to remember I always have a choice in how I respond to others and this little bird reminded her she could always choose happiness. I wonder if that message stayed with me because she seemed to know something she wasn’t saying out loud. Did she suspect life was challenging when I left her home? Did she hear my sorrow and angst in the music I played? Did she talk with my parents and wonder if all was well in our home?

I like to think she had her suspicions and was using her platform in my life to influence me towards positive thinking and the power of choice. In fact, I keep that bluebird visible each day to remind me that I too can make a difference with one word, one gift of my full attention, one encouraging gesture. I have a platform too and the smallest gift of influence I give through that platform might just impact someone for a lifetime.

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