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On This Thanksgiving

Dear One,

What does the start of the holiday season mean for you? If you are like me, it probably means a whole chaotic mess of emotions, anticipation, plans, and to-do lists. While that is typical, tonight I am feeling exhausted already and Thanksgiving Day hasn't even begun.

This year has been difficult for humanity. As I consider what I am grateful for, I must confess it is easier to think about all that went wrong this year instead of all that went right.

Political upheaval, mass shootings, angry masses, wars and conflicts causing needless suffering, stretching already tight budgets, natural disasters, choosing between health insurance and food on the table, families divided, and now the explosion of pain and trauma as sexual abuse is brought to light in so many arenas...when will we see some relief?

I have come to understand this year that relief may not come in the form of less tragedy and suffering. I can't wait for humanity to pull together under the cry of enough is enough. I have one life to live and I can choose between indifference and love.

I choose love.

I choose love even though it is hard. I choose love even when all seems hopeless. I choose love because I fiercely believe love makes a difference in the moment and ripples far beyond what I could imagine.

This Thanksgiving Eve, I do have much to be grateful for personally, and yet what I am most grateful for is how humanity has shown up for one another this year. We have shown up for each other selflessly rescuing one another from rising flood waters after devastating hurricanes. We have shown up for each other by working towards peaceful resolution at a grassroots level on issues that divide. We have shown up for each other by taking a fellow human's hand in reassurance we are not alone. We have shown up for each other financially. We have showered prayers too many to count over our fellow humans we have never met suffering through trauma, upheaval, and tragedy. We have shown up for each other through kind words, smiles, and hugs.

This Thanksgiving Eve, I am grateful for how you, my fellow sisters and brothers, have shown up for me and countless others because you give me hope that one day soon there will be relief. The tide of grief and suffering is changing through every act of courageous love and selfless kindness from tiny to gigantic. Keep on warriors! Keep on showering the Universe and our fellow humanity with the brilliant light of love.

With a deeply grateful and humbled heart,

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