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Let's Do This Thing!

Does a new year feel like pressure to you? Pressure to start something new or transform or stop bad habits all come to mind. I am feeling the pressure this year and I have decided to use that pressure to my advantage. I am turning the feeling of pressure into positive energy by seeing 2018 as an opportunity.

I thought 2017 was an opportunity for growth and solidifying my purpose and huge strides, but I forgot I had many emotions to sort through and first days/times without my uncle Jeff on this planet and even though we had fought cancer for 2 years and 7 months, I had not yet fully grieved. Instead of being disappointed in 2017, I am embracing it for what it was.

2017 was a time for healing and resting and grieving and sorting and centering and gathering my strength and grounding myself in my purpose.

All that behind-the-scenes personal work in 2017 has been foundational for me to embrace 2018 with all its possibilities and opportunities. Even as I write this, I am feeling like shouting, "Let's do this thing!" because I am laying the pressure aside to allow 2018 to unfold just as it was meant to unfold.

No more pushing and pulling. No more resistance. No more holding out for specific outcomes.

Instead, I am trusting all I need is here in and around me. I am trusting my internal work is leading to an alignment with my external world. I am trusting that when I step out courageously, I will experience an abundance of blessing beyond my wildest dreams.

Are you ready to go with me on this journey? Well, not my specific journey, but the journey marked with excited anticipation instead of pressure to perform. The journey that trusts more than plans to prevent heartache. The journey that knows all will be well no matter how the path twists and turns. The journey that partners with the Divine, whom I call God, and declares, "Let's make a difference in this world that seems so dark!"

Let's do this thing, Dear Ones! Let's bring the light! Let's bring the love! The hope, the peace, the joy, the positivity, the energy of life and living to the fullest. When we do it together, we increase the positive energy exponentially. Join me by liking my public Facebook page and JOINING OUR PRIVATE BE YOU COMMUNITY of women determined to be light and love no matter what life has dealt them along the way. Here's to 2018! Let's do this thing!

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