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Word Power

Words have always fascinated me. Why do we choose certain words over others? Why do some words hold more weight than others? How do words become weapons? How do words become healing forces? Can we create realities with our words? And perhaps my biggest question, or most impactful question, is why are we so often so careless with our words?

I won't get political here, but I think Twitter and President Trump have made the world more aware of the power of words. What we say is what we think. Or is it? That is the conclusion that has so many people debating tweets these days.

I can't speak for the President, but I can speak for myself and I am declaring

what I say is NOT always what I actually think or feel deep inside.

I have been struggling A LOT lately with my mental health. I am open about my story, and I am more guarded about how I navigate and manage the emotions involved in my story. Lately, those emotions have been in the driver's seat and they are notoriously bad drivers! Those emotions are creating thoughts about myself in my brain and twisting half-truths into false, yet believable truths. Those emotions have grown arrogant and believe they have conquered me. Those emotions forgot about my secret weapon--WORD POWER!

Yes, word power! It is a thing, I promise.

Words can become so powerful that they transform our thoughts which eventually transform our emotions. The words need to fit your situation and address what is happening within you.

For me, the struggle has been to feel like I have something to contribute each day. When the emotions are in charge, they manage to keep me in my bed or in front of a screen and definitely isolated. One hour passes and then two and then an entire day is gone and I have accomplished nothing meaningful and the emotions have more evidence to use against me for the next day. "See, you got nothing done yesterday, why try today?"

In pops a Truthbomb card from Danielle LaPorte and it reads, "start where its easy," that's it and those four words turn into power.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been chanting those four words to myself over and over again until I create meaningful movement.

~ Stuck in bed + mantra "start where it's easy" = Take a shower

~ Paralyzed by my to-do list + mantra "start where it's easy" = dishwasher gets empty leads to sink gets empty leads to countertop gets wiped off leads to a meal gets made

~ Feeling I have nothing to contribute + mantra "start where it's easy" = one Facebook post today which leads to one blog post tomorrow which leads to momentum

Your words might not be "start where it's easy". However, word power works! It moves the brain back into an integrated pattern. When the emotions are in charge, there is no integration so the rational thinking brain has left the premises. When word power is introduced in the form of a mantra, it is an invitation for the rational brain to come back into the room and for the emotions to accept the support of the rational brain. Too much rational brain leads to heartless living. Too much emotions leads to crazy-making. The brain must integrate for there to be whole-hearted living with a healthy balance of emotions directing us to where we need to pay attention and thoughts supporting us in making informed, wise choices. Where do you need to turn on Word Power?

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