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The Question That Haunts Us

There is one question that begins in our minds at a young age and rarely leaves us as we journey through life. It sticks with us because we are human. It sticks with us because in our humanness we both believe and doubt, are inspired and procrastinate, and we listen to all voices, not just our inner voice.

If we only listened to our inner voice, we would hear, "You were made for greatness. You are changing the world just because you are you."

When we weave all the competing voices and messages together, the question that haunts each one of us always shouts louder than our inner voice:

"What of value could I possibly contribute to this world?"

That question comes in various forms depending on how we interpret the world.

Do I matter?

Who am I to do...?

Will anyone listen?

Why even try as it has been done before?

No matter what form the question takes, at the root is our doubt and fear.

I have a secret on how to raise your inner voice and quiet the doubting voices.

Measure your life differently.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Be the YOU you were born to be.

Easier said than done, right? Perhaps. However, when we choose a different measuring stick or formula, the entire perspective changes. When we measure our lives according to how we align with our inner voice, everything begins to shift. It's a slow shift and we often need guides in the process, and once it begins, there is little to stop it. We become accustomed to that inner voice wanting to hear it more because when we align with it, our life is more meaningful, purposeful, and abundant in joy, love, and peace.

The first step to hearing this inner voice with clarity is to dig out of the emotional dirt that covers the voice. My emotional dirt came in the form of yet another question that haunts a lot of us, "Why me?" Why did this happen to me? I swirled downward around that question for years creating more emotional baggage as I did. Somehow asking why me I thought the past would change and I would be at peace. I was looking for a miraculous change of life by asking that question and instead it kept me stuck and unable to hear my own voice.

One day as I struggled with tears over the why me question, my inner voice was able to get a word in and I heard this question:

Why NOT me?

It took a bit for the meaning of the NOT to take hold. Bit by bit the pieces fell into place. If not me, then who? Why do I think I am that I shouldn't have challenges? Who doesn't have a why me story in their life? Who would I be if the why me part of my story hadn't happened?

Why me separates me from the power of healing and transformation.

Why NOT me moves me into a place of curiosity. What has my story taught me? How can my story encourage others? What is the golden nugget under all the darkness?

Perhaps most empowering of all, asking why NOT me begin to uncover my inner voice because it reminds me of my common humanity. My common humanity means as a human, we all have challenges AND every human being is beautifully complex born worthy of love, belonging, purpose, hope, choice, respect, and dignity. We all have awful, challenging, messy, even traumatic parts to our story that makes us groan, "why me?!" And, we all arrived on this planet with unsurpassable worth that can never be altered or devalued by our circumstances. Attune to that truth and watch the transformation begin.

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