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Are You Ready to Never Change Again?

Yes, you read that correctly! You are probably scratching your head because you think life coaches are supposed to support transformation and change. We are, and sometimes, I want you to stand your ground.

Stepping into being the YOU you were born to be is a challenging journey. Fear holds us back. The voices of others make us doubt our path. Change is just plain hard. Life is busy. There are millions of reasons to live life comfortably and never ask, "Am I living the life I am supposed to live?"

Being the YOU you were born to be begins with one simple question: What are you never willing to compromise?

Or you could ask it this way: What is the one change you would bring to the world if you could only bring exactly one change?

Usually this is a theme that has been running through your veins as long as you can remember.

I discovered my theme around age 8. I was confused as to why a loving God would take my beloved grandpa in death right as he turned 61 years-old. I was told I was never to question God.

Well, that didn't sit well with me! Not question God? Are you kidding? If God is real and God runs the Universe as I was expected to believe, then God had better be open to some questions.

Thus began my determination to be and do love.

Whether God existed or not, I was going to be loving.

Whether God was loving or not, I was going to love.

I couldn't fathom any other way to live my life except from a place of love.

I faced ginormous pressure to change this viewpoint. I was told love was a nice idea. I was told love never works. I was told if God is only love, then God isn't God.

I have discovered in sticking to myself, refusing to change, it has become truer than ever for me that love is the only answer to all things.

When in doubt, love. Love recklessly. Love fully. Love without condition.

Have I been burned? Definitely. However, I have yet to regret doing and being love no matter how it was or was not received.

So, I ask you, what are you never willing to change? What is that one conviction or belief that you believe must remain in your life, that you must remain true to, otherwise it feels like death? If that conviction is light-filled, positive, and has the power to transform lives for the better, don't ever step away from that conviction. Align with that conviction. Live from that conviction. Be and do what you are called to be from deep within your soul. You will never regret it.

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