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We All Need a Fresh Start

Every fall feels like an invitation to a fresh start. I have been cleaning like a mad woman, throwing stuff out, recycling, reusing, organizing, and rearranging my spaces. It feels good! It feels freeing. It feels like a new beginning.

We all need times like this because fresh starts open the possibilities for our lives. Fresh starts support us in experiencing grace, compassion, and self-acceptance. Fresh starts create space for whatever the Universe wants to co-create with us, through us, for the good of all.

Share your fresh start ideas below! What times of the year are fresh starts for you? What do you do during these times? When do you most need a fresh start?

If you are stuck on where to begin, try out these three first steps to create momentum towards your own fresh start.

For a fresh start in your living spaces: Choose one space to clear out and organize. This could be a drawer, a closet, the trunk of your car. Just choose one small and manageable space to get you started and it will inspire you to continue to other spaces.

For a fresh start in your daily life: Choose one habit you want to create or eliminate and take one step towards that every single day for 30 days. Make the steps small and doable. You can do one step over and over again for many days in a row until you have it down or you can take one new step each day. Either way, you are practicing integrating into a new way of being.

For a fresh start in your relationships: Reach out to a friend you have lost contact with. Schedule a girl's night out. Go on a date with your partner. It all starts with one small connection!

Fresh starts are necessary for being human because we don't always get it right. Correction, we never get it all right! We are innovative, complex, amazing beings and the journey is more meaningful and joyful when we embrace fresh starts as opportunities for expanding our lives.

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