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Jill offers multiple coaching packages for individuals and families to meet a variety of needs and circumstances. The goal of every coaching package is to support you in relating well by equipping you with tools and skills to improve your communication while healing relational wounds that affect your present ability to relate well. Contact Jill with any questions and to begin your journey towards relating well.

Individual Coaching

Jill offers two coaching methods to support you in your unique journey.


Individual coaching sessions are only offered once a package has been purchased and completed because we believe true transformation can only happen over a period of time. Your investment in a coaching package is your commitment to yourself and your personal transformation.

Courageous Intention Coaching

Jill created Courageous Intention Coaching to support clients in living a life of courageous intention. This coaching method is for the individual who is consistently struggling with sensitive reactions to the words and actions they receive from others, feels like life is happening to him/her, and feels disconnected from people in most areas of their lives. We will explore your current ways of relating to others, uncover the damaging coping patterns you currently utilize to navigate your relationships in order to feel safe, and create a new normal for you in how you relate beginning with your relationship to yourself and moving outwards by utilizing the power of courageous intention.

Your 4-month commitment to developing confident relational intelligence while transforming your relationship with self, Spirit, and others includes:


  • Twelve 45 minute coaching sessions over the phone

  • Weekly take home exercises to maximize your transformation

  • Email support

  • Membership in Private Facebook group with BONUS Q&A sessions and webinars with Jill

Courageous Intention Coaching is a $1700 value, your investment is only $999! or four payments of $249.75, payable the first of each month of services rendered. Save 15% when paying in full, a $150 savings!

Fearless Living Coaching

If you are familiar with the work of Rhonda Britten, founder of the Fearless Living Institute, through her former daytime life transformation show, “Starting Over,” which aired on NBC from 2003-2006, you will want to choose this coaching package!  Jill is trained in the method Rhonda created and is excited to support you in your own transformation into Fearless Living.


As a Certified Fearless Living Coach, Jill will take you through Rhonda Britten’s Fearless Living method of transforming your life from "being mastered" by your emotional fears to "being the master" over your emotional fears. Rhonda’s methods are timeless, lifelong principles you will use every day of your life. Jill’s life was forever changed as a result of training with and going through the Fearless Living methods herself. Yours will be too! Your 4-month commitment to a life of freedom through living fearlessly includes:


  • Twelve 45 minute coaching sessions over the phone

  • Weekly take home exercises to maximize your transformation

  • Email support


Fearless Living Coaching is a $1700 value, your investment is only $999! or four payments of $249.75, payable the first of each month of services rendered. Save 15% when paying in full, a $150 savings!

Additional Coaching Options

  • Interested in Family Coaching? Contact Jill for more information.

  • Additional coaching sessions may be scheduled after completing one of the above 12-session options for $99/session

  • Purchase 6 coaching sessions at once and receive one session FREE, a $99 savings

We provide support for personal growth, healing work, forming healthy boundaries, personal goal-setting and accountability, communication skills, life balance, career challenges/changes, and all grounded in the principle of courageous intention.

Individual Coaching

Presenting to Your Group

Jill has to present at many MOPS groups around the Twin Cities, several MOMs groups, Woodland Hills Church, the Minnesota School Nutrition Association 2014 and 2015 Conferences, and most recently the South Washington County Schools 2016 Nutrition Services Staff.Groups praise Jill as being energetic, personal, knowledgeable, and in touch with the needs of 21st century living. 


Invite Jill to present to your group too! Jill will speak on any topic reflected anywhere on her website and is flexible to accommodating the needs of your group on any topic related to relationships and/or family. Jill’s presentation fee is $150/hour. No group will be turned away for inability to pay. If your group has a limited budget, please inquire about our love offering and special event programs. 

A message from Jill:

Dear Courageous You,

Yes, you read that correct, I am waiving all speaking fees in 2017! I am waiving all fees because I believe when I work in alignment with God as my co-creator, I am sometimes asked to do seemingly crazy things. Through prayer and meditation, I have come to the decision that the message of courageous intention needs to be accessible to as many people as possible. Courageous intention changed my life forever and I want the same for every person I am privileged to coach, teach, and meet, so I will take whatever microphone or stage you invite me to in 2017.

We are living in a dark time in the United States and throughout the world. We do not have to agree to be victims to our circumstances. We need a change. We need hope. We need to feel empowered. We need to equip ourselves with the tools that will support us in rising up together so we can shift the negativity, the fear, and the hopelessness. I say it to myself many times each day, "Be love and light. Bring love and light," and I need an army of love and light bearers to join me.

I believe when we understand our value and purpose, we can choose how we want to show up in the world. I believe this because it is my story. I stepped out of a story that was told to me over and over, a story that told me my gender made me worth less, my giftedness had to be limited, and that I was always either too much or not enough. I stepped out of that story into knowing I am valuable, worthy of love, and that I am exactly what the world needs right now. I want to share my story with you because through the power of story, we are inspired and we are moved towards our own transformation. Our stories encourage one another because they prove anything is possible.

When can I see you? How can I support you? Email me or call me NOW!

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Sending you love and light,



To schedule Jill to present to your group, please email or call 612-405-4423.

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